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5 Step Success Guide:
#1: Click on a video description, read the requirements upon success and open the video.
#2: Make sure you are logged in on youtube, like and make a minimum 5 word topic related comment in English on the specific video.
#3: Copy your comment in the correct format (comment + username and time, like this).
#3bis: If the uploader is holding comments for approval, you can use this format: "comment + CHFA" (so add CHFA at the end of your comment).
#4: Paste it in the box and submit your offer request.
#5: Wait until your offer gets approved. Check your history here. If you fail to submit your offer 5 times in a row you will be banned from this earning section.

NEW: For every 50 video offers you complete in a row you will receive a $0.1 bonus instantly added to your balance!

Step #1: "Like" this Video & Write a (minimum ... word topic related) Comment in English.

When you click on the viewbutton, this screen will change and show the next Step.
Step #3: Do not forget to the video!
Step #4: Paste your comment in the box on the left in the format as shown in the picture below.
Comment, username and time since posted
Duplicating comments made by others is not allowed and will get you banned!