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Click on an advertisement to open a popup screen.
Click on the button in the popup screen to open the video popup/popunder.
A timer will count down the time you have to visit the video before you can claim your earnings.
Note: If another user using the same IP as you has already viewed an ad on this page today, you will not be able to view it. Each ad can only be viewed once per day from any IP address.
Watch our Video Tutorial on how to view video ads :)

Dear user,

To align with YouTube's rules and new algorithm to check the actual view count on video's we have made some changes on this feature. As of today the time you have to watch a video in order to get credited differs for each video. This means that you might have to watch the video (a lot) longer in order to get credited.

We are aware of the extra effort required by you and if the test case is positive we will improve the earnings proportionally.

Thank you for your understanding
BUXP Staff

To start viewing videos, close this popup.

Error: this message shouldn't be showed


Our system has detected that you closed the window containing the YouTube video. You will therefore not be credited for this click. Please ensure that you have popup blockers disabled and that you leave the popup/popunder window open until you have been credited for the visit.
If you believe that this is an error, please send us a support ticket.

Do NOT close the pop-up/pop-under until the timer ends or your credits will be revoked and you might get banned.

Time remaining will show here when the video is opened.

If an advertisement video shows before the video starts, always SKIP IT when available.
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