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BUXP is rocking the internet since 2008. Welcome to our unique revenue sharing network , providing excellent money earning opportunities for our affiliates and high quality online advertising possibilities for our advertisers.

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50 BUXPoints: 1 Lottery Ticket >>Exchange!
100 BUXPoints: 500 Traffic Exchange >>Exchange!
150 BUXPoints: 1 Referral >>Exchange!
200 BUXPoints: 1000 Traffic Exchange >>Exchange!
200 BUXPoints: 1 Jackpot Cell >>Exchange!
450 BUXPoints: 1000 Member Visits (5 Seconds) >>Exchange!
500 BUXPoints: 1000 Youtube Views >>Exchange!
750 BUXPoints: 5 Referrals >>Exchange!
1000 BUXPoints: 2500 Member Visits (5 Seconds) >>Exchange!
1250 BUXPoints: 1 Month Premium Membership >>Exchange!

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Exchange 150 BUXPoints into 1 Referral. It may take up to 48h before you can see your referral in your downline. An approval message will appear in your account history.

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