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Member Tasks Overview

Welcome to the member tasks overview page. Here you will find information on how to use our member tasks feature.

Basic Overview Members Advertisers

Basic Overview

The member tasks feature is very similar to our existing tasks feature, with a few key differences:
  • BUXP Members can create tasks
  • Users have to "accept" a task before completing it - to show that they intend to complete it
Advertisers create a task and specify what they want the users to do and what proof they require to show that the user completed the offer. They can then see the proof submitted by the user and can either approve or deny the user's request. They can choose to pay the user $0.1, $0.2, $0.3, $0.4 or $0.5 for completing the task.


Accepting a Task (Click here for screenshot)
You can see the tasks available for you to complete on our tasks page. First, click on the "View Instructions & Accept" link. A box will open showing the details of the task, and what proof will be required to show that you completed the task. If you want to complete a task, you must accept it by clicking the link provided - this reserves a slot for you and shows that you intend to complete the task.

After accepting a task, you must complete it and submit proof within 4 days. After this time, your submission may be denied by BUXP and you cannot dispute this - even if you completed the offer. Tasks should be possible to complete within 4 days - if you have issues with a task, please contact us before accepting the task.

Submitting Proof (Click here for screenshot)
To view the tasks you have accepted and submit proof, visit your member tasks history page. Here you will see details of all your submissions and their status. If you have accepted a task, the status column will show a link that says "Accepted - Submit Proof". Click on this link and a form will appear, reminding you what proof the advertiser requires and allowing you to submit it.
You can submit up to 500 characters of text and one small image file. After submitting proof, the status will change to "Pending Approval" and the advertiser will have 4 days to approve or deny your submission. When they do, the status column will show either "Approved" (meaning you have been credited) or "Denied". If they have not approved/denied it after 4 days, it will be approved by BUXP. This may take an extra day, so please wait 5 days to contact us if your submission has not been approved.
Be sure to submit all required proof. If you fail to some/all of the proof, our TOS allows the advertiser to deny your submission and you cannot dispute this.

Cancelling a Task (Click here for screenshot)
If you have accepted a task but no longer wish to complete it, simply visit your member tasks history page and click the "cancel" link next to that task. If you have already submitted proof, you must simply wait for the advertiser to deny your submission.

If you feel that a submission of yours was wrongly denied, you must dispute it by sending us a support ticket within 4 days. If you do not do this, or if you dispute it by a method other than support ticket (forum, etc.), we reserve the right not to investigate your dispute. Also, after disputing, you must regularly check the support ticket - failing to respond within a reasonable timeframe may lead to us closing your dispute.


Creating a Task (Click here for screenshot)
To create a task, simply visit your tasks adpanel and click on the "Create a new task" link. Fill in all the required details, including what countries you want to show your task to. The "Payment On Completion" field is how much you want to pay users for completing the offer (between $0.1 and $0.5). The "description" field should contain instructions of how to complete the task - i.e. what you want the user to do. The "proof requirements" field should contain a description of what information (up to 500 characters of text and one small image) you will require from the user to show that they completed the task.
After you create a task, you can see it straight away in your adpanel. However, we must approve it before it can become live - this usually takes about 48 hours. You can see the approval status in the "Status" column.

Task Limits
We believe in quality advertising, so we don't want to have too many offers for our users to complete. Therefore, we have imposed the following limits for this system:
  • Standard members may have only one task in their adpanel at any time
  • Premium members may have only 2 tasks in their adpanel at any time
  • If there are 50 or more active tasks, standard members cannot create a new task
Please note that task credit purchases are non refundable so you should create a task & wait for it to be approved before buying credits, in case these limits affect you.

Task Credits (Click here for screenshot)
After your new task has been approved, the next step is to purchase task credits and add them to your task. The number of credits you need will depend on how much you chose to pay users - one credits equals $0.10. So if you chose to pay users $0.3 for completing the offer, then each user will take 3 task credits.
First, purchase task credits by going to this page. After payment, the credits should be added automatically to your account (please wait 1 hour before contacting us if they are not).
Second, go to your adpanel. Here you can see the number of credits in your account and you can add them to tasks (or remove them from tasks). To do this, simply click on the "Add/Remove Credits" link for that task and enter the number of credits you want to add or remove, then click submit. See the screenshot above for an example.
Once you have added credits, and your task has been approved, your task will become live and members can start completing it!
Note: When a user accepts your task, the credits will be removed straight away. If the user cancels, or fails to complete the offer within 5 days, the credits will be returned. If you deny their submission, the credits will be returned after 4-5 days (see the "Viewing Submissions" section for more information).

Other Adpanel Features
In the adpanel table you can edit/delete tasks and pause them. The following limitations apply:
  • You cannot edit/delete a task while there are still users complete it, or submissions that you need to approve
  • If you deny a user's submission, you must wait 5 days before you can edit/delete that task
  • If you pause a task, this only prevents new users from accepting the task. Users who have already accepted it are still allowed to complete it and you must approve/deny their submissions within 4 days

Viewing Submissions (Click here for screenshot)
To view submissions for a task, click the "View Submissions" link in your adpanel. The number next to that link shows how many users have submitted proof. If users have accepted the task but not submitted proof yet, you will see a number below indicating this.
In the submissions page you will see a table showing the username, the date they submitted the proof, and the proof they submitted. If the user has correctly completed the offer and submitted all the proof you asked for, you must approve their request. Otherwise, you can deny it. Please note that you must approve/deny all submissions within 4 days or we will approve them. If you have a problem with a submission, contact us by support ticket immediately. If a user has not submitted all the correct proof, just deny their request - do not contact BUXP or the user asking for further proof.
If you deny a request, it will take 4-5 days for the credits to be returned to the task so a new user can accept it - this is to give the user time to dispute your denial.

If you deny a user's submission and they dispute it, we reserve the right to reverse your decision. If we receive a dispute, we will contact you either through email or the BUXP messenger system. It is your responsibility to regularly check these and reply with all necessary information - if you fail to do so, we may side with the user and reverse your decision.

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