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How To Post a Payment Proof

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How To Post a Payment Proof

Postby conorod » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:21 pm

Just a quick guide for anyone who is unsure of how to post their BUXP payment proof.

1. When viewing your transaction details in Paypal or Alertpay, hit the Print Screen ("Prt Sc") button to take a screenshot.
2. Open Microsoft Paint (usually in the "Accessories" section of the programs menu).
3. Click on "Edit", then click on "Paste".
4. For safety reasons, you should block out the transaction ID and payment email address (see here for an example). Paint has tools available to do this, e.g. the "Brush" tool.
5. Save the file somewhere on your computer.
6. Go to one of the following sites and upload the file: PhotoBucket, TinyPic, ImageShack.
7. Find the direct link to the image and copy it. The sites will usually provide it to you as soon as your image is uploaded.
8. Use the "Img" button and paste your image link between the [ img ] tags, or just post the link directly if that does not work.
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