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24/03/12 - BUXP March Newsletter

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24/03/12 - BUXP March Newsletter

Postby Max » Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:57 pm

Dear User,
Please read the BUXP March Newsletter, with lots of interesting news and promotions!

***Win 50,000 Youtube Views Contest***
Create a cool video about BUXP and you might win 50,000 Youtube Views! Every participant gets 1,000 FREE Views! Read more about this contest & join on viewtopic.php?f=18&t=9603

***Double Order Ad Exchange***
If you exchange your balance into ads (100 or 1000 visits) we will double your order. This offer is valid until 30/03.

***New & Upcoming Features***
-Adpanel v2.1 for advertisers with more functionalities
-Twitter & Facebook promotion service
-"Top 10" clickers/earners of the day charts WITH prizes
-Less strict Paypal rules for certain countries
-New countries added including Pakistan

+New Advertising Order Form
+Daily Tasks to increase your earnings
+Referral commission on ALL BUXP purchases through your referral link
+New Survey Points Rewards including Premium Membership & Traffic Exchange Credits
+Updated referral table with increased functionalities
+Toolbar v2 compatible for all browsers

***Welcome Pakistanis***
We have enabled registrations for Pakistani users on BUXP. We have also added a few other missing countries like Kosovo, Serbia, Nigeria etc. to our country list. Update your country if you have been using a neighbour country upon registration.

***5 Second Ads --> 10 Second Ads***
We will change the visiting time of our cheapest ads from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. The prices for advertisers remain the same, as will the clicking rates. In opposite we will activate 5% commission for ALL purchases made through your referral link (at this moment this was only active for advertisement purchases) AND we are working on some kind of referral earning system for video ads. We have also lowered the visiting time for traffic exchange ads from 10 seconds to 3 seconds.

***Survey Points***
There is another way to get referrals. By completing Surveys (Click the "Browse Surveys" tab in the BUXP Menu), you can earn Survey Points and exchange them into referrals, advertising, premium etc... We have automated the earning and request reward system, to make everything more easily for you! Check it out on We have users who earned more than 500 referrals via our Survey system!

***My Reward Today***
Pandux, the company behind BUXP, has launched a new website! -My Reward Today- By completing surveys and referring new users, you can earn points and exchange them into cool prizes that are shipped WORLDWIDE! Join now:

***Follow us on Twitter***
Wondering when you will get paid? We post status updates regarding payments on twitter weekly!

Best Regards,
BUXP Staff

PS: If you want to delete your account and no longer receive these mails, you can do this via your profile.
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