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Welcome to our Youtube Advertising page. We can deliver many services, including:
Youtube Retention Video Views (Up to 1k/day)
Youtube REAL Video Likes + REAL Video Comments (minimum 5 words topic related comment)
Youtube REAL Video Likes + REAL Premium Video Comments (minimum 15 words topic related comment)
Combined YT Views + Likes & Comments plans
Youtube Subscribers
GEO Targetted Views

Before you order you should know: These are views generated by humans. The amount of views you buy is minimum the amount of views you will get, so the ratio is 1:1 or greater. The incoming views are worldwide but from english speaking sources. To make the process look "natural", we can make it look as if the views come from multiple domains, and not only from That will look pretty nice on your video statistics ;). The turnaround time for youtube views at this moment is between 500 and 2,500 views per day per video. Likes & Video Comments are topic related and also generated by humans.

This service also works for other video platforms. If you have questions about this service, please mail

Do not promote your video with any other (bad quality) supplier during our service. If your video gets taken down by YT because of them, we are NOT responsible!

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2 January 2017 shashwath 5/5 5/5 fantstic excellent work
11 December 2016 Adrianiii 5/5 5/5 They are the best in this buissnes!!!Thank you!
8 December 2016 Anderson Rodriguez Barrera 5/5 5/5 I loved the service and keep buying, there are many comments in English and also in Spanish, it is very good