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Purchasing website traffic at BUXP is fast and simple;
We have deals starting at $2.49 with many options available. Larger plans are given at cheap rates.
You do not need an account to order, simply fill out the order form and pay the fee via Bitcoins, PerfectMoney or Payza (which accepts all major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Amex etc....
We will review your order and you will receive a mail from us with control panel details once approved.
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10/30/45 Seconds = The minimum visit time on your site after it is fully loaded required to be counted as valid visit in our system. You can always change this later on via your control panel. We advice you to use the 10 second traffic.
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There is an extra fee per 1000 uv's for specific traffic from Usa, Uk, Canada or Australia. Example:
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Max Visits/day (Optional): Leave this field empty if you do not wish to set a maximum.
Premium Ad: Check if you want to show this Ad to Premium Sources only (only interesting if you advertise a small amount of visits)
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Use redirect links to fake the referrer domains on the traffic statistics. Check if "Yes"+$2
Pick between 0(random) and 3 categories to show on your traffic statistics as referrer domains Christmas Music Technology
Hide as referrer Check if "Yes"+$0.50
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Pay with Bitcoins, PerfectMoney, PayPal or Payza (accepting Visa, Mastercard and other major Credit Cards)

Benefits and features of BUXP's website traffic packages:

High quality real human web traffic (no bots
Each Visitor that will visit your site has a Paypal, Payza or Bitcoins address (advantage if targetting sales)
Different minimum view times available (10/30/45 Seconds)
Country targetted advertising available
Traffic is trackable by Google Analytics and is Google Adsense Safe
Possibility to advertise to premium ($$) sources only
Very large discounts on larger plans
Control tracking panel (Click HERE to see a demo of the tracking panel - key is "demo").
Manage your URL, title & description via your control panel
Freeze/Unfreeze/Set daily traffic limit in your control panel
Use your unique control panel code as a coupon on your next purchase to receive 20% extra traffic!
Text description & Banner advertising available
Capped amount of traffic per day available
Browser specific or mobile website traffic available
And so on...
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28 August 2017 Alejandro Rengel 5/5 4/5 Excellent all!
28 August 2017 kach 5/5 5/5 The service is quite good and I love it 😊
19 August 2017 mike357perez 4/5 4/5 all task about ads are easy and very understandable